Teletherapy Services

We offer online speech, language, and reading therapy to students who have challenges traveling to the clinic location or otherwise find it more accessible.


Please see below for commonly asked questions or review the American Speech and Language Association's informative brochure

What is teletherapy? And how is it different?

Teletherapy is the online delivery of therapy services via high resolution, live video

conferencing software. 

We use a secure video system with an interactive workspace  to provide the same speech and language therapy services instead of meeting in-person. Research has shown limited differences in effectiveness of therapy provided in-person versus online.

Why is it needed?

Due to the shortage of speech-language pathologists especially in specialty areas, it is often challenging for students to receive the services they need. Furthermore, scheduling challenges are brought on by commute/traffic, extracurriculurs, and coordinating care with siblings. Telehealth allows us to reach students who otherwise would not have access.

What are the benefits?

Teletherapy provides:​

  1. Access to specialists who live outside of your city

  2. More flexibility in scheduling

  3. Less time in commute and decreased stress of coordinating schedules

  4. Sense of independence and self-reliance cultivated in students