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For Adults

We provide professional services to language learners who want to be stronger communicators of English. Areas of skill development include:


Accent modification, conversational skills and fluency, vocabulary and grammar development


understanding presentations, dialogues, and humor


Professional assignments, news articles, papers


Essays, applications, college assignments

Career Development

Resumes, interviews, presentations

How can Nikita help?

 Nikita has lived in 10 countries in her lifetime giving her first hand experience on language learning, adapting pronunciation, and cultural nuances to speaking.

Combining this experience with specific speech pathology techniques has proven to lead to more effective English learning in her clients.

Sessions will focus on your specific English learning needs whether it will be fine-tuning grammar in college essays or learning how to speak English for day-to-day conversations.  

Note on Teaching Approaches: Many ESL teachers follow the TESL/TESOL program, which focuses on building blocks of language to develop English skills. Speech-language pathologists also are equipped with this understanding and advanced training of:

  • how speech sounds and way of talking can be perfected

  • language techniques that can help those who struggle with English grammar and social conversation skills