Summer Language Immersion

We will be offering small-group language immersion groups to support language skills and development through play and interactive activities for children of ages 4-7 years.  We want to encourage love for language through play and language rich activities children thrive in. Our first group will begin on June 18th, 2021. 


Please note: Although the services will be conducted by Nikita Pangarkar, M.A., CCC-SLP, this is a non-healthcare, educational service. We look forward to your interest and are excited to offer these unique services to you. Please contact us at to learn more and sign-up.

COVID-19 Note: We will continue to monitor the climate and guidelines and are hoping to have these programs available to you in-person! We will also have a virtual group option available.


Group size: 2-3 students

Length of time: 4 weeks,

once a week, 60 minutes



Group size: 2-3 students

Length of time: 4 weeks, once a week, 60 minutes



Group size: 2-3 students

Length of time: 4 weeks, once a week, 60 minutes

Initial Parent Consult

We schedule an initial 30 minute consult to get to know your child and their skill level to best fit them in a group. 


Does our child have to have a previous speech and language diagnosis to attend?
Not at all - these services are open to all who would like to boost/enhance their language skills. We will match children based on age and skill level (2-3 children per group). 


What will the curriculum be like?
The curriculum is designed by speech-language pathologist, Nikita Pangarkar, M.A., CCC-SLP to target language areas that are most crucial for each age group. We'll have immersive activities specifically designed to support these key areas. We'd love to share more with you in our initial call if you have additional questions.

Will the  Language Immersion Groups be conducted in-person or online?
We are hoping to offer these services in-person. However, we are monitoring the situation, and looking at the preferences of the families interested in order to best accommodate everyone. 

Do we need to find additional people for the group?
You will not need to find additional members - we will take care of that based on the information we receive from you through our interest form and in our first call. Please contact us to receive the interest form to get started.

Are these speech therapy services?
No, these are not speech therapy or healthcare services. These are designed as educational services. 
*If you are concerned about your child's speech and language development or feel like you may need support in this area, please contact us separately to inquire about speech therapy services.