Speech, Language & Reading Therapy

Our goal is to address each student's specific areas of need while integrating their strengths to support learning. We provide 30-45 minute treatment sessions.

Our treatment approach includes:​​

  • Interactive therapy techniques to maximize the brain's learning processes: play, mindfulness, structured tasks, educational games

  • School curriculum into lesson when applicable

  • Counseling parents on best practices to support learning at home

  • Collaboration with other specialists in the student's life (e.g., doctors, tutors, psychologists) to get a holistic picture of student's progress and continued needs.  

Speech Therapy

Treatment focus is on increasing a child's ability to pronounce sounds at age level and be understood by all listeners (i.e., family, teachers, peers, new people).

Language Therapy

Treatment focus is on receptive and expressive language skills which includes vocabulary, understanding directions, using age-level grammar, creating complex sentences, conversational skills, and more.

Reading Therapy

Treatment focus is on building phonological awareness skills, reading fluency, and spelling skills using the best of various mutisensory programs including Lindamood-Bell and Neuhaus.